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Mirabinti Muhammed

I am a widow with 2 children, my husband died in a car accident and from then on life became very cruel to me and my family and I have tried severally to get a loan from the banks in Indonesia and I was rejected and denied because I did not have a collateral and could not get a loan from the bank and I was very sad On this devoted day as I went through the internet, I saw mrs Annisa's testimony working on how she got a loan from Mrs. Rossa and I contacted her to ask about mother Rossa loan company and how true the loan from mother Rossa and she told me it was true and I contacted Mother Rossa and after filing my loan application and my loan was processed and approved and within 24 hours I got my loan money in my bank account and when I check my account, my loan money was intact and I am very happy and I have pledged that i will help to testify to others about mother rossa loan company, so I would like to use this medium to advise anyone who needs a loan to contact Mrs. Rossa via email: rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com and You Can also contact me via my email: mirabintimuhammed@gmail.com for information

Hadi Emi

Firstly i want to say if you are scared of succeeding you will not succeed even if the opportunity came cheap and free,it all started on a cold night while on my bed going through the internet just to get tired so i can sleep after s long day at the bank trying to secure a loan with my house from HSBC bank in pekanbaru for those who might know this bank,i tried and after documentation i was told to come back in 30 days time which for me was like forever so while on my bed thinking of may next line of action i came across a certain story of how to get a loan and at a very low rate of 2% with the company name as Rossa Stanley loan company i wondered if it was real so i probed further and came across a certain woman named Nadia Sisworo testifying how she got the loan with her bank details all displayed so i emailed and we got talking ,we chatted and she asked me to contact the mother rossa company that if my house is real and identity i might be lucky to get the loan so i emailed mother through rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com call/ whatsapp +1510216705 about my condition and a loan form was given i filled and submitted for a loan request of $150,000.00 and the rest to the Glory of Allah i got the loan from mother rossa company so my dearest people if you have that genuine financial burden or want to grow your business do not hesitate to meet mother rossa for help i am sure $150,000.00 is enough to leave poverty and be happy forever like me if you are still doubting fee free to call or WhatsApp me on +62895342086181 or write me at hadiemi64@gmail.com and facebook at Hadi emi and i will prove to you mother is real


Hello, I am FIGUEIREDO DE OLIVEIRA, currently living in Bristol city, here in the UK. I am a widower at the moment with Four kids and i was stuck in a financial situation in May 2019 and i needed to refinance and pay my bills. I tried seeking loans from banks and various loan firms both private and corporate but never was successful, and most banks declined my credit. But as God would have it, I was introduced to a woman of God a private loan lender who gave me a loan of 150,000.00 USD and today I am a business owner and my kids are doing well at the moment, if you must contact any firm with reference to securing a loan without collateral , no credit check, no co signer with just 3% interest rate and better repayment plans and schedule, please contact Mrs Rossa Stanley (rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com ). She doesn't know that i am doing this but am so happy now and i decided to let people know more about her and also i want God to bless her more. You can contact her through this email .rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com my contact is whatsapp +(44)-7537-1690-15

Masitah Binti Ayob

My name is Masitah Binti Ayob a citizen of Malaysia that got financial assistance from Mrs Rossa Stanley loan company, Everyday there are stories of financial assistance to poor people around the world i read this stories and just take a pass with the thought that it can not be real until i had a check on my sister Redzuan binti Sarina and it was like a dream when she hooked me up to this smooth finance house called rossa stanley loan company based in California, USA. you can reach them through the below contacts help line calls +12133153118 email at rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com Whatsapp +15102167905 and i applied for a loan of Rm350,000.00 and just like that before i knew it after verification of my documents my loan got approved and transferred to my Citibank account and today i am a testifier of Mrs Rossa Stanley loan assistance.my advice to everyone here is do not fall victim by contacting the wrong loan company, instead of that run straight to rossatanleyloancompany because their interest rate is the best anywhere at 2% at maximum duration of 10 years so call or write the email and your financial wish will be granted if you have any questions or doubt fee free to call or write me on +60113091951 or email masitahayobbinti@gmail.com thank you and Stay safe

Susilowati efi

Personal data country ;indonesia Name: Susilowati efi Address: jl.kincir 2 no.20 rt 8 rw 6 Phone: +6282385590743 WhatsApp: +6282385590743 e_mail: susilowatinov79@gmail.com It's been two years now I have given testimony about how I borrowed 800 million from the Rossa Stanley Loan Company and some people doubt me because my level of excitement can prove to you all that Mother Rossa Stanley is not a fraudulent lender. He has to give me one more thing to smile because after completing the monthly loan installments that I borrowed before I begged my mother that I wanted to go for further business expansion so I gave up 2.8 billion after going through the legal process my transaction was approved by the authorities and within three days the legal process for channeling my loans to my Central Bank Asia account was easily achieved. I have no challenges with Bank Indonesia because Mrs. rossa and the rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com Management team have been considered legitimate lenders so there is no problem at all for financial assistance, contact rossastanleyloan Lenders today e_mail: [rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com] May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you too.

Redzuan Sarina Binti

my name is Redzuan Sarina Binti from PULAU PINANG, MALAYSIA. I want to thank mother Rossa for helping me get a loan. for three months, I had been looking for a loan to pay off debt, everyone I met was tricked and took my money until I finally saw the story of Ms. Masitah Ayob and the address of the company website she shared. The company then gave me a loan of RM470,000 that I applied for. the company can also help you. because the company has also helped some of my other colleagues. If you need financial assistance, please contact the company ROSSA FINANCE via email: Rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com Mother Rossa Company Whatsapp : +15102167905 The company did not know that I was doing this by spreading the goodwill of the company to me, but I felt I had to share this with all of you to free yourself from fraudsters, please be careful of imitators and contact the right loan company. Below are words of encouragement to those who are looking for honest and honest private lenders. "if you need a loan to pay off credit and debt? Do you need finance to set up your own business? Do you need a loan to carry out large projects? Do you need a college loan? Do you need funds for various other purposes? Here's my email for any question about mother rossa, my email :redzuansarinabinti2020@gmail.com Email mother rossa: Rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com mobile number +601616345654 Thank you for reading and goodluck

Nadia Sisworo

I want to start by giving thanks to God for the gift of life.My name is Nadia Sisworo and I want to share a good story about mother Rossa Stanley Favour a financially decent company that made my life sweet.I have been having financial difficulties for some time and I have to borrow from my friends because I hope to pay them back after receiving my salary.And that's when my life turned into the worst, I was fired from work and I lost my mother a few months later. After my mother was buried, my friends started asking for their a money back.But when I think my life is over,i actually attempted suicide, that's when ALLAH used my friend and Neighbor Annisa Berkarya who has now relocated to Singapore , she help me to contact mother Rossa Stanley whom she said a friend from India connected her to mother Rossa, so I told mother my story,she asked for my Documents which i tendered and before i knew it my loan request for Rp320,000,000.00 was approved,before then i had tried three different online loan company's but no positive help, but mother rossa stanley through her loan firm ROSSATANLEYLOANCOMPANY changed my life and i have decided that until i die i will continue to share this story so my fellow country citizen can benefit from it ,do not contact those fake lenders flooding everywhere with fake loan stories, After that my credit approval process was completed and I received a letter of approval from the company stating that I must provide my bank details. I received a notice from my bank that my bank account was credited with the loan amount I requested. mother rossa stanley is the only real,sincere and genuine lender worldwide so do not hesitate to reach mother Rossa Stanely on this channels ROSSASTANLEYLOANCOMPANY@GMAIL.COM Calls only,rossa +12133153118 Whats app Mother Rossa +15102167905 This is my testimony and it is verifiable with my account details which is below in case you are in doubt that's how my life changed and I will continue to share the news so that everyone can see and contact the good company that changed my situation.You can also contact me if you need my help or you want to ask me about how I get my loan. This is my email: nadiasisworo@gmail.comAnd below is the details of my account that got credited with the loan from rossastanleyloancompany, Bank address: Cabang Jatinegara Jakarta Timur Account name: Nadia Sisworo Account number: 0504482516 Bank Name: Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Annisa from Bali

I want to advice all loan seekers to rush to Ross Stanley company, which is the only true and original lender that lends 2% interest, this is my story, my name is Annisa from Bali, Indonesia, restaurant owner, don't be fooled or afraid that loans cannot be obtained from the internet, it is possible and I am an internet loan recipient. I read some of your comments about how you were cheated, Yes they are fake lender, and they is also a real lender And Mother Rossa is the one. Since there were many fake lenders, I was initially skeptical, I decided to ask Rossa's mother for a loan, so I contacted Ms. Rossa for my loan request of Rp 100,000,000.00 and within 24 Hours, my loan was approved and sent to my BCA bank account ,with evidence if you doubt me and these loans come at very low interest rates of 2% unlike banks in Indonesia that provide loans of 7% or more, I must admit when I got the money, I was surprised and still surprised until now, even though some were rejected because they did not qualify for loans. But I was given because of my seriousness and sincere approach, I got my loan, and when I asked my mother Rossa how she got the money she lent to many people she said it was supported by the United States and the World Bank to help the poor around ASIA and AFRICA to reduce poverty I can't stop thanking my mother Rossa for getting me and my family out of poverty, so I feel because she is kind and good to me, I need to share news about her company so people will know about her loan companies and also avoid falling for fake borrowers who flood everywhere with fake stories, you can talk to mother rossa via email, whatsapp and text, I feel compared to sharing these details but many are very not serious and will call mom so I can only provide the email address for anyone to contact mother rossa email-rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com WhatsApp +15102167905 if you contact them, they will answer you quickly and if you doubt anything you can contact me on facebook @ annisa berkarya or email me at annisaberkarya@gmail.com may ALLAH continue to bless and protect this kind and understanding woman mother rossa stanley.

Nancy Nunez

TESTIMONY ON HOW I GOT MY LOAN FROM A LEGIT SOURCE Hello, I am Nancy Nunez by name and I live in the USA, Am so much filled with happiness and Joy,I would like to talk about the goodness of God hard work in my life, after so many months of trying to get a loan on the internet and was scammed, so I became desperate in getting a loan from a legit lender online then I see comment from a friend called bobby Leo and talked about this legit loan company, where he got his loan quick and easy with no stress, so he introduced me to a woman named Mr. Rossa Stanley who controls a company rossa stanleyloan company, and so I asked for a loan sum of $89,000.00 USD because my credit score was okay and with a low interest rate of 2%, so the loan was approved and was deposited into my bank of america account that was how I was able to get a loan to start up my business running and pay off my bills, so I advise each of you who are interested in getting a loan quick and easy, please contact them via e-mail: rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com get any kind of loan you need today, thank you, as you read greatest testimony of my life. Nancy Nunez +1(509)640-6671

Olaguera jativa

my names are Olaguera jativa a philippines based electro engineer due to covid19 my company UCP had financial issues and i search for loan everywhere to complete some contracts but the banks will not listen to me so i came across a post on facebook from annisa berkarya who said i can get a loan from rossa stanley loan company so she gave me the details of mother rossa including email address and mobile contact so i contacted the mother rossa for the loan and i requested for a loan of $500,000.00 USD, mother was so accommodating and understanding she even made the transfer manager to grant me the loan after the transfer manager who was in philippines during the period to verify our contract with the hydro which was almost completed and after verification the loan was approved and sent to my United coconut planters bank account that is how mother rossa helped me to revive my company and i have also began the process of repaying the loan so if you need a secure source of loan to finance your projects hurry to mother rossa for your loan need and you will be happy again mother rossa help line calls +12133153118 mother rossa email rossastanleyloancompany@gmail.com my office contact 025420905

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