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About Us

We are an independent personal loan lender based in the United States. We have a branch named Rossa Stanley Loan Company which is located at 07102 GRA Quaters, Newark, New Jersey, USA. You can apply on our company's official email or apply online, receive a decision in seconds and we finalize the loan in person at our branches throughout the United States.
We can genuinely offer a case-by-case approach to customers. This, in certain cases, means we can be more flexible deciding when, and how much, we lend. We are committed to professional, responsible lending. After verifying income and expenditure of applicatants we always make sure we lend to serious,committed and genuine individuals and businesess.with rossa stanley loan company,your genuine loan assistance is guaranteed.

Our Vision

Our Mission is to revolutionise the loan market, making loans safe, fair, and available to the people around the world in their times of need. .
we are the name behind the straightforward way for individuals to borrow money in the US, UK, UAE and Africa.

CEO - Mother Rossa

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